Tongkat Ali by Source Naturals – A Product with an Interesting Ingredient

What Is Tongkat Ali?

This product is a natural testosterone booster designed to give the consumer more endurance and energy during exceptionally hard workouts. Many men find that energy and endurance tend to wane as they age. Much of this has to do with lowering testosterone levels. This product is specifically designed to give the male body a natural boost of testosterone. Since the product uses natural ingredients there are no harmful side effects that can sometimes be attributed to over-the-counter hormone products.

This product is specifically designed for the male athlete. With a little bit of work, there seems to be no reason that aging males cannot achieve the physical and fitness results that were previously possible before the decline of testosterone. Since the product has raving web reviews, it seems like a good first step towards achieving hormone balance, heightened energy, better endurance, better muscle definition, and increased muscle mass.


This product is manufactured by the company Source Naturals. This manufacturer is known for having their customers as their first priority. As with any of their other products, Tongkat Ali is aimed to help the consumer find a balance with nature and itself. They believe that problems arise from artificial diets, stress, and pollutants in the environment. This is something in which many healthcare professionals agree!

This manufacturer has an interesting concept of their place in the modern wellness community. They believe that it is their job to advocate wellness to everyone. Their mission statement shows that they strive to make it a priority to educate, inform, and fight for communities that hold bodily and physical wellness higher than their current states. This is extremely important in an age where 80% of the food at the grocery store is not even real food. This is a wonderful organization to support. Combine that with the fact that their product works, and this is an excellent buy for men looking revive their testosterone levels.

How Tongkat Ali Works?

Tongkat Ali works to correct hormone levels in the body. Once or two doses of around 80 mg per day is the recommended dose for testosterone boosting action. A smaller dose of around 50mg per day may also help to improve memory and endurance. One or two capsules per day with water is all that is needed. Many workout enthusiasts suggest taking the product around 30 minutes before working out with a meal. However, there is no indication that this time frame is necessary. It seems the consumer will see benefits regardless of the time of day in which the supplement is taken.

It is always important to note that fitness related results depend entirely on the user’s willingness to work hard. It would not be expected that a nice pair of shoes would make you a marathon runner. In the same way, you will not become a bodybuilder by just taking a pill. However, for those men who are both athletic and hard-working, this product can greatly help in achieving the desired fitness results. The product may take up to 30 days to begin to work in terms of muscle mass. However, the benefits of raised energy levels and mental clarity can be experienced immediately.

Ingredients of Tongkat Ali

The main ingredient in this product is a substance called Tongkat Ali. The scientific name for the substance is Eurycoma longifolia. Originating in the rain forests of Malaysia, the substance has long been used by locals as a means to combat lowering testosterone levels in men. The Malaysians understood that lowering hormone levels could cause a lot of problems in men. They even suspected the substance helped with more than just male hormone levels.Even today, the government of Malaysia is working to develop and study this amazing substance with help of the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia.

This ingredient is the primary ingredient in this mixture. The only other added ingredients were just common substances used to form the mixture into a capsule. The substance is even extracted with reverse hot water osmosis. This process is free of any solvents that are traditionally used in some herbal extractions. Tongkat Ali is a large root that can easily be harvested from the area without damaging the ecosystem of the rain forest around. The manufacturing of the product from the forests actually benefits the villages in Malaysia as well since part of the profit goes to them. Since Tongkat Ali is from a natural source, there are no risks of dangerous chemical reactions that can be associated with dangerous artificial hormones.


The advantages to taking Tongkat Ali seem to be numerous. First, the consumer will be able to get an increased amount of lean muscle mass from working out. As often happens with age, many men see a decline in effects that working out has on their body. Even with more rigorous workouts, the same physical results are often unattainable. This product works to correct that problem so long as the consumer does their part to work hard towards their fitness goals. Since testosterone can actually begin to subside in the male body as young as age 25, this product works as a natural remedy to give men back that feeling that they have lost.

In addition to the fitness side of things, people who take this product have reporting having higher levels of energy and more physical endurance. This can mean more time for family, friends, and hobbies. Additionally, many consumers reported higher levels of concentration and mental clarity. This can help with overall focus and mental wellness. Additionally, some studies suggest that the main ingredient in this product may actually lower cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. The pill is also very manageable to take. Even customers who do not care to swallow capsules say that the product is very manageable to consume and swallow. There are also no reported poor aftertastes or indigestion associated with taking the product. Combine all of this with the fact that the product basically has no risks, and it is easy to see the major advantages.


Tongkat Ali has an absolutely impressive resume for this sort of supplement. The herb is supported and endorsed by both the American Herbal Products Association and the American Botanical Council. The American Botanical Council has even featured the product in their research journal. Both councils agree in the importance of further studying the health benefits of this product, as it is highly believed to have more benefits than simply hormone regulation.

The product also seems to have the seal of approval from worldwide consumers. Since the product is now marketed in the U.K., the U.S., Canada, and Japan, reviews have been spilling in from all over the world. The fact that the product is both natural and it works is enough for most people. It is difficult to find a product with more positive reviews. This shows that an overwhelming number of consumers who have tried the product have found it useful. Between the expert opinions and the opinions of regular people, this product has raving reviews.


I was experiencing a huge loss of energy. I was ready to quit my life-long passion of weightlifting. This product changed my life. Not only have I gotten the body back that I was working for, I have so much more energy. It is nice to come home after work, workout, and still have energy to spend time with family. – Ralph J., 45, occupational therapist in New Orleans, LA, USA

Tongkat Ali is the easiest thing in the world to take. I can take any time of the day, and all I need is the capsule and a little bit of water. As a person who spent a lot of years messing with high dollar protein shakes that did not help me build muscle, I am very thankful for this simple routine. – Clint A., 32, hydrologistt in Boise, ID, USA

I am happy that the product is available all over the world. I travel a lot for my job, and I often live in different places for months at a time. Being able to get the product anywhere is wonderful. – Ethan R., 51, judge in Fort Smith, AR, USA

I never really understood how much difference a slightly lower testosterone level could make! With the help of Tongkat Ali, I am not able to power through my workouts with ease. I am already starting to see the physical benefits. That stomach fat that was so hard to lose is finally shrinking. I just cannot say enough good things about this product. – Karl H., 35, consultant in Liverpool, England

This product is definitely not a miracle pill. You still have to put in the hard work to achieve the desired physical results. However, for those of us that are used to working hard, it feel like a miracle! I never thought I would see an 8-pack again in my life. After college, I just assumed that was it for that body. However, here I am with the body I had 20 years ago! It really is worth the time to try. – Benjamin S., 43, fitness trainer, Cardiff, England

I never realized that men can experience lower testosterone levels as young as 25! When my energy began to decrease, I wondered what had happened. Then, I noticed that my workouts were not as effective as they had once been. When I tried this product, I could not believe the results! In fact, I could not believe how much better I felt! In addition to increased muscle mass, I also experienced better levels of energy for workouts. – Christian O., 28, electrican in Melbourne, Australia

I don’t like to spend money on workout supplements. However, some things are just worth it. This product is one of those things. I am looking forward to passing the word along to other workout enthusiasts at my gym. I highly recommend this product for any man who hopes to see results in their workout goals. The muscle mass alone is worth the experience. – Hirotaka X., 47, electrican in Kanazawa, Japan

Awards & Media Coverage

This product has been featured in the American Botanical Council’s journal as a top herbal based product for research. This journal is operated by scientists with high level degrees in the areas of biology, botany, medicine, holistic health, nutrition, and pharmacy. These are people who are top experts and professionals. The article discusses the many benefits of the product. Among these benefits is, of course, male testosterone enhancement. Added muscle mass, increased energy, and mental clarity are all listed as benefits of male testosterone enhancement. It is a very big honor for a product like this to be featured in such a journal.

In addition to official media coverage, this product has also been featured across social media. Real consumers seem to really take to the benefits of this product. If there are negative reviews of the product out there, they are difficult to find. Many men reported seeing increased muscle mass less than a month after beginning the supplement’s regimen. The mental clarity and added energy begin to show much sooner, according to social media commentary. In this age of social media, this is the most important approval rating that can be achieved.

Money-back Guarantee

The company guarantees any damaged products. However, they do not necessarily guarantee the product simply on the basis of dissatisfaction. If the product is damaged, simply call the customer service line. More than likely, you will receive a replacement for the product rather than a refund. Since the company does a lot of wholesale, they do not necessarily issue refunds. However, they do happily replace damaged goods and can offer advice and support on the usage of this and other products. In many cases, customers with damaged goods have reported receiving more product than they originally bought when something is wrong.

Why this company does not guarantee their product entirely is unknown. However, there could be a couple of reasons. First, because they do so much wholesale they may view refunds to be the job of the retailer. Second, this company does not force the consumer into any auto-pay subscription program to get their product. This is refreshing. Many modern products ship automatically and are difficult to cancel. If you are not satisfied with Tongkat Ali, simply do not purchase the product again. It is simple as that. There is no need to cancel a subscription or worry about paying for product that you don’t like or want.


This product may be shipped anywhere in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Japan. Shipping prices depend on where the product is being sent. Generally shipping cost within the United States is less than $5. The product usually arrives within 5-10 business days. Considering the reasonable price of the product, this is a good price for shipping. This still makes the price plus shipping less than other products designed to help men gain muscle mass.

Tongkat Ali is also shipped in quality control containers to assist with good shipping practices. This means that the consumer will always receive a product that has good quality. Products do not get damaged by severe temperatures or outside weather elements. Since the product generally ships through the U.S. Postal Service, anything can happen. However, quality packing helps to assure the consumer that they are getting the product as the manufacturer intended it to be.

Customer Support

The corporate office for Source Naturals is located in Scotts Valley, California. They seem to have made their customers a huge priority. First of all, they have a customer support email that can be consulted any time. Feel free to email questions, concerns, or complaints. These emails are generally answered within 48 hours. This is a wonderful option for those who do not like to speak to a live person. Emailing may give the company time to come up with a more detailed response than a phone conversation, however.

The manufacturer for Tongkat Ali also has 2 phone numbers that can be reached on a Monday through Friday basis. They have a toll free number as well as a local number. Hours for calling are Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm. Keep in mind that this is Pacific Standard Time. The hours would be 11am to 7:30pm Eastern Time. These are relatively convenient hours for most people. Calling allows the consumer to actually talk to a live advisor about questions and concerns associated with the product. In fact, the company actually encourages callers who have not met with the success they had hoped to communicate. This allows them to make their product better. Additionally, their customer service representatives may be able to better advise the consumer on proper usage of the product.

Safe & Secure Checkout

It is difficult to talk about checkout process for this product. The checkout depends on the retailer from which the product is purchased. However, the largest retailers are well-known establishments that offer reliable checkout procedures. In most cases, the websites are protected by multiple security certificates. These certificates generally require an inspection of the website’s security measures. Most of these sites offer checkouts in secure portals through which the customer makes a login and password to complete the transaction. This is added security aimed at protecting customers from identity theft.

With cyber security being so important, it is no wonder that many customers do not wish to use their credit cards online. Therefore, some sites allow the consumer to checkout using PayPal. This is easy and convenient. This allows the consumer to make purchases without actually having to use credit or debit card information on the website. This is recommended for customers who feel uncomfortable making online purchases using their own personal information. Although most sites are 100% safe, it is important that the customer feel that their safety is a top priority when purchasing the product!


This product is offered at an extremely reasonable price. For around $20, 30 capsules are available. However, for around $35 you can actually get 60 capsules. This is, by far, the better deal. The smaller supply averages out anywhere from $0.66 to $1.00 per pill depending if the user takes one or two capsules. This is incredibly inexpensive for this type of product. Even most herbal remedies for testosterone problems cost in the range of about $90.00 per month. Since Tongkat Ali is reasonable inexpensive, it stands to reason that the manufacturer is more interested in the outcomes for its customers than just their own profit margins.

Since this is such an inexpensive product, the cost could actually be compared to taking a multi-vitamin or other herbal supplement. It is important to stress that this price range is extremely rare amount products claiming to boost testosterone. In fact, 30 capsules is roughly half the price of a quality protein powder. Weightlifters who wish to see real results could likely fund their endeavor by ditching more expensive products in favor of Tongkat Ali.

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