Muscletronic – Will It Increase Fat Burning & Expand Your Physical Capabilities?

What Is Muscletronic?

Muscletronic is a fat burning, muscle building, mind sharpening supplement from Bauer Nutrition. It is a product that helps athletes and especially bodybuilders to make the most of every workout. There are several muscle building and fat burning ingredients that work together for good results. Because it also has ingredients that help your brain, as well as your muscles, it really makes for a bodybuilding experience that is totally integrated.

The ingredients that work to help one’s brain function in an exemplary fashion also improve mood, decrease stress, and increase motivation. This is crucial because one needs to be motivated to work out when expecting to build bigger muscles. One who is not motivated to work out may either skip the workout or not give his all towards it. To build the strongest muscles, one needs to workout hard. The last repetitions count even more than the first ones, and taking the extra step requires encouragement that this supplement accords. With this supplement, one will be ready to make the extra efforts towards their goals.

Users of this supplement will find that their workouts will enable them to build more muscles than they did prior to beginning this regimen. Moreover, the body is cued to be more sensitive to insulin so that one does not store fat. When fat is not stored and you do a hard workout, the body is forced to use previously stored fat for energy. This is fat one will lose, so one becomes more lean and muscles become more chiseled and defined.

To enhance muscles even more, one can take an additional supplement of whey protein and yet one more containing creatine right after the workout. Additionally, one who is attempting to build lean muscle should take care with their diet. Eating foods rich in lean protein such as chicken, lean meat, and fish are beneficial. Carbohydrates prior to a workout will fuel said workout so that one has more energy to continue. Finally, drinking a significant amount of water will help keep the body hydrated for efficient use of all nutrients and supplement ingredients.


The manufacturer of this product Bauer Nutrition guarantees that this product will work. They offer to refund the purchase price of a product that one is not happy about. They have done a significant amount of research to put the correct blend of ingredients together. All of the ingredients are specifically chosen because the manufacturer has done research to uncover the best choices for this unique supplement.

Bauer Nutrition, the company that manufacturers Muscletronic, strives for excellence and quality in every product they produce. They do their manufacturing in a plant that is approved by the FDA, so they need to meet high standards in all stages of production. Users will find that they can trust this company to produce quality products.

How Muscletronic Works?

Muscletronic works in several different ways due to its variety of ingredients. The different ingredients that have been put into the product will ascertain that one’s body is working in an optimal fashion. It works to build lean muscle mass, burn fat, and make your mind stronger.

Muscletronic helps to build muscles in several ways. First of all, it helps to accelerate protein synthesis. Protein is needed to build strong muscles so the supplement helps the body to make more protein and to use the available protein more efficiently. This is a good way to help build and strengthen all of the muscles. The supplement also includes ingredients such as stimulants that help to make muscles work harder and have more endurance when you are working out. Working muscles also helps them to grow bigger and stronger.

The product also helps to burn fat in two different ways. The first way is that it actually raises body temperature and thus one’s metabolic rate goes up. The metabolic rate is the rate at which one burns calories and fat. The higher it is, the faster the fat will be burned off. Even when one is resting, they have a higher metabolic rate which means that fat will be burned more quickly.

Second, this supplement increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. When a body is insulin resistant, like many are, fat is stored in all the cells. Increasing the sensitivity towards insulin will allow the fat in the cells to be burned off more quickly. More fat is burned off when you work out because the body needs the energy to complete the complex actions of exercise.

The mind is also an important part of this product. The mind is stimulated by this supplement and this helps in several ways. The nootropic ingredients that are included work to sharpen the mind so that the mind and the body can work together. Meanwhile, mood is also boosted and stress is reduced by this supplement. All together, these benefits will enable a bodybuilder to have a successful workout so that the entire body sees results.

Carefully following the directions will result in the best possible outcome with this product. New users should start by taking only half of the recommended dose. So, one should take two capsules per day for the first five days. One can take the two capsules upon waking up on non-workout days. On days one does workout, the capsules should be taken 30-45 minutes prior to the workout.

Your body will adjust to the supplement, so after the first five days, one will be able to take four capsules per day. The first two capsules will be taken upon waking every day. The other two capsules will be taken 30-45 minutes prior to a workout on workout days. Take the second dose of two capsules with lunch on non-workout days.

Muscletronic must be used in a cyclic manner. It is taken in cycles of approximately 12 to 16 weeks with one and a half or two weeks off between cycles. Because of the powerful stimulants in this supplement, a break is occasionally necessary for the body. Additionally, it contains a significant amount of caffeine, so one should not indulge in too much extra caffeine during the day. Taking the supplement within five hours of bedtime may also be a bad idea and may result in the inability to sleep.

Ingredients of Muscletronic

This supplement contains a blend of ingredients that will all work together to get the results you desire. Each ingredient has been put into the blend because of its function. There are no extraneous ingredients. A complete daily dose can fit equally into four capsules.

The first ingredient is Alpha-GPC. It promotes muscle strength and growth as well as increasing cognition and increasing growth hormones which can improve muscle repair times. Next is a Vitamin B complex that helps support health, muscle growth, and energy conversion. The combination of B vitamins include thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinaminde, calcium pantothenate, pyrodoxin, folate, and biotin.

Additionally, Alpha Lipoleic Acid enhances the effectiveness of antioxidant vitamins that are in the body from foods and fights free radicals that can damage your cells. It also increases fat loss and muscle endurance. Forskelin Extract works directly with Caffeine, another ingredient, to increase cAMP levels for better fat burning. In addition, Forskelin Extract boosts the body’s natural testosterone levels. Testosterone, a growth hormone, increases protein synthesis while caffeine increases energy, endurance, and cognition.

Golden Root helps to increase mood, energy levels, strength, and cognition. Similarly, L-theaneine also increases cognition and mood plus it is a stimulant that helps with nutrient intake. Citrus Auranthum Extract is added to the blend to increase fat loss, energy, and cognition. Finally, Piperine helps a user to digest the supplement effectively and it boosts nutrient intake.


This product from Bauer Nutrition has many advantages over other products that are on the market. The biggest advantage is that it is a combination of ingredients that will help you in a variety of areas. Since it works for the whole body’s wellness, you will find compelling benefits.

For one thing, the ingredients that help boost mood and lower stress will encourage longer and harder workouts. These extended workouts will, in turn, build more muscles and burn more fat. Since this is the goal of most bodybuilders, the supplement is powerful.

In addition, since this product contains more than one ingredient for each function, if one does not work for a particular person, another one will. For instance, when burning fat, the product contains ingredients that will not only increase insulin sensitivity, but it will also increase the metabolic rate so that fat will be burned in two main ways. Similarly, there are multiple ingredients that create thermo genesis, or increased metabolic rate.

Another advantage of this product is that it contains no extraneous ingredients. Each ingredient was carefully chosen because of the way it works with the other included ingredients. All of the ingredients have a purpose that will help one meet their bodybuilding goals.

In all, this product is advantageous because it works. It’s guarantee is proof that the company believes in its product. This supplement is a good choice of an all natural, safe, and legal product that will help one gain lean muscle mass while burning any extra fat.


While this product is not currently certified by any outside agencies, its internal policies require careful attention to quality. They do guarantee that all ingredients are natural, safe, and legal. There are no substances included that are banned in most high school, college, or professional sports.


Muscletronic is exactly what I needed. Why can’t other supplement manufacturers realize we don’t need gimmicks. We need products that have the correct ingredients. I use this and eat well before and after working out. I have improved beyond recognition when I added Muscletronic to my regime. – Jay Smith, New York, NY

Love this product. Just re-ordered a six month supply so I can continue the amazing progress I have made. I have defined muscles now and have lost a ton of extra fat from my belly. This stuff works better than anything I’ve ever tried. – Steve Rouse, Miami, FL

It is the monotropic I get the most from. It helps me focus mentally and get an extra few percent from my workout. – Raymond Johnson, Boston, MA

I love that all the ingredients work together . The different functions of this supplement all help me. I think better, I feel stronger, and I have lost extra fat. It works for me. – Alan Collins, Denver, TX

Try it, it works! I’ve used everything else on the market. Some have worked and some have not but none have worked as well as this one does. This supplement does it all and does it in a way that can’t be beat. – Mike Blackwell, Seattle, WA

I’ve never written a review before because no product has ever done so much for me. This is a winner! Remember to stay hydrated, work out, and eat right and it will do the rest. My friends can’t believe its me when they see the results I’ve had. – Richard Lee, Ottawa, Canada

My muscles are chiseled like I never seen before. I work hard but still never looked this good before. I stand in front of the mirror and can’t believe my self. – Lionel Freeman, Toronto, Canada

The bad then the good: First, it didn’t seem to work. I got mad but kept taking and kept working out. After two weeks, I was amazed. Started seeing definition in my muscles. After two more weeks, it was getting even better. Tried a second cycle and it doesn’t get much better than this. – Alvin Patterson, Charlotte, NC

I couldn’t believe how much these pills helped me to do my workouts. I was able to do more reps with more weight than ever before. Highly recommend this product. – Ed Fuller, Chattanooga, TN

Money-back Guarantee

This product has a 100 percent money back guarantee. They ask that one tries it for 60 days, so it has time to help one achieve the desired results. If, after the 60 days of trying it, one is still dissatisfied, one can get their money back., no questions asked.

One simply needs to send back any unused product plus any empty boxes or bottles, and they will send you a refund for the price that was paid. They are that sure that everyone will be pleased with the product, but one has nothing to lose by trying Muscletronic.


Free shipping is offered on all size orders when the order is placed directly on the official website. Other sites may also have deals but one will find that this Free shipping offer is one of the best.

Customer Support

Muscletronic has plenty of ways to present customer support. One can access representatives in a variety of ways. First of all, one can join their social media pages and communicate with them and with other users. They are members of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

For those who like more personal attention, there are several other ways to contact the company. On the bottom of their webpage, one can click the “contact us” link and see a phone number that one can call or a form to fill out with comments or questions.

Additionally, if one can use their official site, to connect to a live chat with a representative. After a few minutes of surfing the page, one will see a chat box appear and a customer service agent is ready to assist you. If one does not see the chat box, it can be accessed right from their webpage.

Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is always safe and secure when purchasing Muscletronic from online. Purchasing directly from the official page, one is on a secure site. Always check to be sure the site is a secure site when purchasing from other online stores. Certificates from authorizing companies like McAfee Secure and VeriSign can tell you if they back the site for security.

When purchasing this product directly from the official website, one will only be ordering once. In other words, they do not automatically bill for the next shipment when they think one has run out of the product. One will have to place a re-order which is often more convenient since one will not get charged for product one was not expecting.

Muscletronic Pricing

This product is available online for reasonable prices. One can shop around, but the best pricing will be on the Muscletronic official website. There, one can get one bottle of 120 capsules for about $58. This will provide a one month supply.

Better deals are seen when one purchases multiple bottles at one time. For example, when purchasing two bottles, it will cost about $110, but one will receive a Free third bottle with the order. Better yet, one can order four bottles of the product and receive two Free bottles for only $235. This six month supply will work out to only $39 per month.

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