Legal Testosterone Tablets – Do They Really Worth The Price?

What Is Legal Testosterone?

Legal Testosterone is a workout supplement formulated in the U.S. that boosts testosterone levels and gives the energy needed to enhance your workout routine and pack on more muscle. It is considered a legal steroid because it has the same effect as a prescription steroid with the same purpose, but the ingredients are 100% natural and no prescription is needed. For those in competitive sports, taking this supplement is okay because the ingredients are natural and that means the supplement is not classified as a drug. That also means that the FDA has not approved the supplement, as supplements are typically not regulated, but the facility is FDA inspected and certified.

This approved facility is owned by Crazy Bulk and they state that Legal Testosterone is safe because of its natural composition and lack of side effects. What this supplement is designed to do is increase testosterone and promote protein synthesis in order to increase blood flow and nitrogen retention. These two elements alone help ensure you get more out of your workout. Some who use the supplement have said that they’ve experienced more power during their training in the second week.

Overall, this supplement is designed to boost performance and provide the strength needed to achieve the gains that are desired. The company does promise that there will be huge muscle gains and that bodybuilders will be able to achieve maximum performance. There are also references to improved stamina and muscle recovery following a workout so you can hit the gym again sooner than you would otherwise. Being able to hit the gym as frequently as possible contributes to the building of muscle mass.

How Legal Testosterone Works?

First of all, the enhanced testosterone production is a result of the pituitary gland being stimulated so it produces more lutenizing hormone, or LH. LH then stimulates cells within the testes so they produce more testosterone. This increase in testosterone then assists with the fat burn that is necessary to achieve sculpted muscles. In other words, the supplement acts as both an androgenic and anabolic substance.

In some supplements it’s all about the ingredients, and Legal Testosterone has a proprietary blend that is highly competitive. There are certain tasks that this blend achieves, such as improved protein synthesis, which is important for gaining muscle mass. When talking about building muscle, protein synthesis is quite the topic because of its importance. It is important because protein synthesis reveals just how much weight lifters should train if they want to build muscle at the fastest possible rate.

Here is what is known about protein synthesis: research has shown that when you train any part of your body, protein synthesis remains elevated for a period of 48 hours. In most cases, however, it is only elevated for 36 hours. Once the protein synthesis period is over, it returns back to normal.

This means that muscle will only grow during this window. If you were to rely on natural protein synthesis, you would be building muscle for two days and then giving the muscles 5 days off per week. While this will build muscle, it is not going to give you the optimal muscle growth rate you want.

Because this supplement takes protein synthesis well beyond its natural cycle, you achieve these more frequent rounds of protein synthesis that allow you to have more workout sessions and faster recovery times in between those sessions. More frequent workouts with faster recovery means faster muscle gains. You can see results sooner than you would otherwise through improved protein synthesis.

With that said, it is also important to look at the supplement and what makes it tick. The ingredients are known as an all natural proprietary blend. However, they each have their own set of benefits that contribute to the effectiveness that so many users say they experience.

The some parts of supplement are primarily derived from plants and fruits. They are naturally occurring within the environment and some have been used for thousands of years as medicine to treat a wide range of ailments in different cultures. When studied, many natural supplements, like this one, show very promising results.

With that said, the main function of the supplement is to improve athletic performance in a natural way. However, there are questions as to whether or not the supplement actually works, as the studies have been quite limited. However, the studies that have been conducted have shown that it is beneficial in a number of ways, including in the treatment of some ailments. Many bodybuilders will tell you that it does give them the exact results they are striving for.

It is this natural composition that contributes to the absence of harmful side effects. Nevertheless, it is imperative to use the supplement as directed in order to ensure there are no adverse side effects. Currently, it is not known what the side effects are if a person takes too much.

Antioxidants contribute to overall health, as they feed the immune system in an effort to prevent illness and disease. It can be difficult to workout if you are ill. However, antioxidants can have different functions. In the case of Legal Testosterone, the included antioxidants are essential for muscle health. When antioxidants are able to battle free radicals in the blood stream, the nutrient- and oxygen- rich blood that makes its way to your muscle tissues is purer.

In addition to the aforementioned antioxidant, there is another that metabolizes energy. It is said that, based on both animal and human studies, there are a wide range of health benefits to these antioxidants. Two of those benefits are a reduction in oxidative stress in the body and an improvement in bone density.

The body makes natural hormone and testosterone precursors in the adrenal glands. However, there are times when natural production is not enough, so you need to supplement. This is a supplement that can help with this, which also helps with the building of explosive muscle gains.

The proprietary blend also improves energy metabolism, making it effective in the shedding of fat for increased muscle gains and cutting. What it contains is an amino acid, so that there is that small part of the blend that serves as a building block for proteins. This amino acid is naturally produced in the body in order to create energy. It is also said that it can improve mental clarity.

When to Use It?

This is not a bodybuilding supplement that you take right before you go to the gym. This is one that requires dedication in order to achieve the results that you are looking for. That dedication translates into up to three supplements taken per day with meals. Even if you are on a non-workout day, you still have to take the supplement so it can do its job.

Fortunately, it is an oral supplement and not an injection. You purchase a bottle, you take what is inside as directed, and you wait for the results. It is recommended that cycles last for two months. At the end of the two months you can take up to two weeks off before starting another two month cycle. It is important to take the break between cycles. If you stack with other supplements, follow the dosing directions and take the appropriate break between cycles.


Legal Testosterone has been referred to as the “Godfather of Supplements” because of the quick results that have been experienced. Some users have noted feeling better in just three to four days. Strength gains have been noticed after a week. Other benefits include:

  • Lowered stress levels;
  • Results within two weeks;
  • Not toxic to the kidneys and liver;
  • No prescription needed;
  • Promotes muscle gain;
  • Oral administration in pill form;
  • Improved bone density;
  • Improved oxygen delivery to the lungs;
  • Increased protein synthesis;
  • Better mental clarity;
  • Reduces stressors on the body.

Legal Testosterone’s Side Effects

There are no known side effects. However, there is not a lot known about the proprietary blend and what it could do if taken for a long period of time or in large doses. However, it has been determined that the dose in Legal Testosterone is safe, but this places special emphasis on why it is important to take the recommended dose and no more.

To further emphasize the safety of the supplement, it has been shown that taking it for a short period of time is safe. However, a person needs to be healthy to take it. The only identified side effect that has ever been observed is trouble sleeping.

In lab tests, animals showed issues in fetal development, which is why this supplement is not recommended for women. Women who take the supplement could experience excess facial hair and bulking beyond their desired result. These side effects could occur because of the testosterone boosting properties.

It is also recommended that individuals check with their doctors before taking it because the supplement could potentially react with certain blood pressure and heart medications. These medications include beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, Digoxin, diuretics, and diabetes medications. If you are taking diabetes medication, taking this supplement could dangerously decrease your blood sugar. These medications can also increase the effect the legal steroid has on the body.

Please don’t hesitate to check with your doctor before taking a bodybuilding supplement. That way you can ensure that you have no health conditions that it could interact with. By eliminating any unknown health conditions, you then know you can safely take the supplement, as it and all supplements made by Crazy Bulk are designed for healthy individuals.

How to Use It?

It doesn’t give the same temporary boost that an energy drink does. Because this is an oral supplement, it needs to be taken up to three times per day with meals. You also need to take it on the days you don’t work out. There is commitment involved, but it is commitment that is going to get the best results. Just take it as it says on the bottle with plenty of water and you are ready to build more muscle.

Once you complete your first two month cycle, you will take approximately 1.5 to two weeks off before starting another cycle. It is important to take this rest period from taking the supplement so that your body can reset and be ready for another round. It is also necessary because it is not known what the long-term effects are, if any exist.

Why Choose Legal Testosterone?

One of the things that Crazy Bulk promises its customer is “speedy results.” They make the suggestion that the increases in strength and stamina can be seen in as little as two weeks. Some users have reported through their reviews that they started seeing results in just a week.

However, it must be noted that all individuals are different. Someone may see results in a week, but another person taking the supplement in the exact same way may not see results for two weeks. Most people will find that it’s better to figure out what works for them individually before counting the supplement out completely.


Some users have stacked Legal Testosterone with a number of supplements for even better results. What you stack with depends on the results that you want. Crazy Bulk offers great customer service, so they can help you when you are trying to determine what you can safely stack with this supplement.

However, there are some Crazy Bulk supplements that work great with this supplement. The goal of stacking is to help you get better results faster based on your specific needs. This is important since stacking is a major player when bulking. There are some stacking combinations that you may want to consider.

To achieve this stack, you combine Legal Testosterone with Legal Trenbolone, Legal Dianobal, and Legal Deca Durabolin. If you want to gain 20-30 pounds of lean muscle in just two months, this is the combination you can use. Make sure you use as directed for the best results.

This is a stack that helps you boost lean muscle and strength in a short period of time. It does this by combining Legal Testosterone with Legal Trenbolone and Legal Dianobal. Users have reported a strength increase of 20-40% within the two month cycle.

This is the stack you want if you are into intense cutting. You can combine Winsol, Paravar, and Clentrimix with Legal Testosterone to get cut. This is ideal for those looking to have competition ready abs through improved muscle definition within the two month cycle.

Crazystack stacks together Legal Testosterone with the other 5 legal steroids. Those legal steroids are Legal Anadrol, Legal Dianabol, Legal Trenbolone, Lega Deca Durabolin, and Legal Clenbuterol. When taken as directed, you can gain 20-30 pounds of lean and hard muscle in the two month cycle. Advanced bodybuilders are particularly drawn to this stack.


One month of Legal Testosterone is $59.99. However, it is advised to stack it with other supplements in order to achieve the specific results you want. That has resulted in some offers that you may want to consider:

  1. Buy two bottles and get a bonus bottle for free – a $59.99 value;
  2. Cutting Stack – All supplements for $184.99, saving you $30.00;
  3. Bulking Stack – All supplements for $179.99, saving you $50.00;
  4. Ultimate Stack – All supplements for $274.99, saving you $80.00.

All of the stacks contain Legal Testosterone and all supplements within the stacks are 100% natural. As for any trial period, there are not always periods in which individuals can try Crazy Bulk supplements for free. You simply go ahead and make you first purchase and take advantage of the money back guarantee if you find you don’t like the results.

When making the purchase, it is important to ensure that the connection is secure when inputting your payment information. You can confirm this by verifying that https:// is present in the address bar. If it is, then you are safe to continue with the purchase because that means there is an SSL certificate keeping the connection secure. Many times, there are other measures in place to ensure information is safe.

Once the purchase is complete, this supplement and any other stacks that you may have included in your order will be shipped for free, usually the next day. If the next day is Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, your shipment will be mailed on Monday. Once received, you will notice that the packaging is discrete.

After you receive your first bottle, the next bottle will be shipped the same time the following month after the credit card you used is billed for the amount. This easy auto-ship feature ensures that your supplements keep coming, taking the pressure off of you to remember. If you decide that you would like to cancel your subscription, you can call customer service before your next bottle ships and they will ensure that you are not billed for another bottle.

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