Legal HGH Tablets – Will It Work?

What Is Legal HGH?

Legal HGH – the HGH stands for “human growth hormone” – is a legal steroid designed to help bodybuilders and amateur fitness enthusiasts alike bulk up, look good, and feel better than ever before. The proprietary blend of Legal HGH mimics the steroid Somatropin (or Somatotropin). Unlike the prescription steroid it mimics, Legal HGH gives you all the physical and psychological benefits of a steroid without the unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects.

This product is somewhat unique in that it mimics a peptide hormone, not a steroid. Human Growth Hormone occurs normally in humans but can be obtained by prescription, and it supports growth. HGH is generally present in children in higher quantities because children need it to grow. Once growing is complete, the levels of HGH will drop off somewhat. However, HGH is still necessary in adults. It can support muscle growth, brain function, skin health, and even the immune system. Adults just have much less HGH than growing children.

The effects of HGH all are positive things, so it makes sense to want to boost HGH in your body within reason. Somatropin is available by prescription only, and it can have some unwanted side effects on users. By contrast, Legal HGH is a “legal steroid,” meaning that it is 100% legal, is not a banned substance, and can be shipped virtually anywhere. Perhaps more importantly, it has no adverse side effects. You can focus on looking and feeling good without worrying about getting derailed by distracting side effects.

Because this legal steroid mimics the effects of HGH, you can expect unprecedented benefits when you use it. In terms of fitness, this means that you can expect to gain more muscle than ever before. And because recovery is essentially muscle repair, Legal HGH will speed up your recovery so you can get back to the gym as soon as possible.

This supplement also offers a host of other fitness-related benefits. For one, it functions similarly to nitric oxide in that it enhances blood flow to muscles during exercise and supports increased nitrogen retention. It also will increase your ability to focus and drive to succeed, which is a must for anyone who works out to the point of exhaustion. Much of bodybuilding, and really any fitness-related pursuit, involves mental stamina. In addition, the immune system stimulation will indirectly support your bodybuilding routine – with fewer sick days and less trouble fighting off viruses, you’ll be able to be in the gym more often and stay there longer when you do.

How Legal HGH Works?

This supplement works by increasing the amount of Human Growth Hormone your body produces. In order to properly understand the workings of this supplement, one must first understand how HGH is normally produced and distributed. Under normal circumstances, HGH is produced in the pituitary gland, while the hypothalamus – the gland next to the pituitary – regulates how much is produced and when.

As mentioned before, the body naturally decreases the production of HGH as you age. When you take the product, you are delivering a synthetic form of HGH into your body. Unlike Somatropin, however, Legal HGH is taken orally and not injected. This makes taking it much easier than taking traditional anabolic steroids.

Once the synthetic HGH from the supplement is in the body, it is treated just like natural HGH. The result is that you have more growth hormone in your body, and levels may be comparable to how they were when you were younger. The influx of HGH means all types of cell repair are accelerated. This is good news if you worry about the visible effects of aging. Because cells from your whole body are healed more efficiently, you won’t develop signs of aging as quickly as you would without the supplement. And because of this legal steroid’s ability to speed cell repair, you will most likely heal injuries faster than you did before. You may even be able to ward off potential injuries, as smaller or partial tears may well repair themselves before they get worse.

As far as some of the other benefits, taking this product can support gaining lean mass and losing fat mass. When you lift normally, your strength grows because muscle fibers are broken down and then heal to be larger and stronger. HGH plays a role in muscle healing and, hence, in muscle building. As you increase the levels of HGH in your body, your ability to build muscle will improve, and you’ll be able to bulk up faster while exerting the same effort as before. Your strength will improve, so you can add more weight and increase your muscle mass even more quickly.

Growth of any kind takes energy, and this is where fat loss comes in. As you continue to bulk up, your body uses more fat to fuel the building of more muscle. And as any fitness enthusiast knows, adding muscle boosts your resting metabolic rate. This also makes it easier to drop fat as you bulk.

But adding muscle faster isn’t the only way that Legal HGH helps you reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals. This legal steroid also promotes nitrogen balance. In order to properly gain muscle, the body’s intake of nitrogen needs to be more than the amount that is excreted. Proteins are the only macronutrients that have an additional nitrogen molecule, so protein consumption can often be assessed by measuring excreted nitrogen.

When the amount of nitrogen in the body is high – and when intake is more than the amount excreted – you have a positive nitrogen balance. Having enough nitrogen means your body is in an anabolic state, which is optimal for building more muscle. Because the product promotes proper nitrogen balance, it can help keep you in an anabolic state, making adding muscle faster and easier than before. If nitrogen balance is negative – that is, more nitrogen is being excreted than is being taken in – the body is in a negative nitrogen balance. This means you are in a catabolic state, and it becomes easier to lose muscle. Low nitrogen balance can seriously impair your bulking efforts, so it’s important to make sure that your nitrogen balance is positive at all times during a bulking cycle.

When to Use It?

Legal HGH is a great all-around supplement to use when you want more mass and strength. While some people use it for non-fitness related concerns – like aging, general energy, boosting the immune system, etc. – when you take it for bulking, it’s best to take this legal steroid as part of a bulking cycle.

However, different people have different bulking cycles. The manufacturers of Legal HGH note that for best results, you should use this legal steroid for at least two months in a row. The manufacturer recommends a two-month bulking cycle followed by a a 1.5-week “off” cycle, where you give your body a break from the extra HGH.

Unlike pre-workout supplements, however, Legal HGH should be taken at night, on an empty stomach. It isn’t recommended that you eat for two hours before and for two hours after taking the product. The manufacturers also recommend that this legal steroid be used in a bulking stack – see below for more information on stacking with Legal HGH.


Taking Legal HGH as part of a bulking cycle has plenty of benefits. Some of these are related to fitness, some are related to general health, and some are simply conveniences.

As far as fitness-related benefits, this legal steroid supports a healthy nitrogen balance and helps you add muscle more quickly. Because it enhances blood flow during exercise, it has advantages when taken for cardio and strength training alike. The increased muscle mass can help you drop fat, and the fact that Legal HGH sharpens focus means you’ll get more out of your workout routine than before. Because this legal steroid supports muscle growth, it enables you to get more out of the workouts you already do. Even with the same exercises as before, you should see an increase in added muscle mass.

There are plenty of general health benefits, too. This legal steroid helps counteract the effects of aging, as it speeds cell recovery in all systems of the body. Because cell repair is supported, the immune system also can be boosted. The increase in stamina seen in people who take this is very useful in day-to-day life, too – people who take it for non-fitness purposes will generally have more energy and find it easier to get through the day.

Lastly, this legal steroid has many benefits associated to convenience of taking it. First of all, most traditional anabolic steroids must be injected. Aside from incurring cost – syringes and needles must be bought separately, injecting drugs can make takers anxious, and it can cause pain as well. Because Legal HGH comes in pill form, it can be taken very easily with water. Pill-form supplements also tend to be more convenient than taking powder-based supplements. Most powders need to be mixed with water, and the taste is not always agreeable. Mixing also presents an additional hassle.

Legal HGH Side Effects

The traditional anabolic steroid Somatropin, which is also sold by prescription under the names HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Humatrope, rhGH, Somatotropin, and STH, can have side effects that get in the way of your life. Some of the serious side effects you may face include severe pain in the back and upper stomach, nausea and/or vomiting, and an increased heart rate. Increased thirst and urination are also possible, as are hunger, dry mouth, and – bizarrely – a fruity odor on your breath. You may also become drowsy, suffer dry skin, weight loss, and blurry vision.

Users of Somatropin may also notice swelling in the extremities or in the head, and they may also suffer from tingling in the wrists, fingers, or hands. IT’s possible to suffer less serious side effects as well. The lesser side effects of Somatropin include headaches and fatigue, soreness or irritation at the injection site, general pain and stiffness, or symptoms of a cold.

While the traditional anabolic steroid can cause several side effects – some of which are serious – one of the main benefits of this product is that it has no side effects. Because it mimics the anabolic steroid’s positive effects, it can give you all the benefits of taking a traditional anabolic, but it doesn’t include the irritating or dangerous side effects that users of the actual steroid will sometimes run into.

How to Use It?

As mentioned above, manufacturers of Legal HGH recommend that it be used as a part of a bulking cycle, and preferably as part of a bulking stack. You want to plan to take it daily for at least two months before taking a break of about 1.5 weeks to let your body equilibrate. Then you can re-start.

The supplement only needs to be taken once a day when you’re in the bulking cycle. It’s recommended that you take two caplets in the evening with eight ounces of water. It’s important to take Legal HGH on an empty stomach as well. Each bottle contains 60 tablets, or 30 doses. It’s also recommended that, for maximum efficacy, you don’t eat two hours before or two hours after taking this legal steroid.

Of course, as with any muscle-building agent, you’ll get better, faster results if you combine it with a healthy diet rich in lean protein and fiber and with regular resistance training.

Why Choose Legal HGH?

The supplement is one that stands out from the crowd. First of all, anyone with any knowledge of the human endocrine system knows that when you add more HGH (real or synthetic) to the body, you’ll get enhanced performance as well as many other benefits. And because HGH has so many functions in the body, those who choose Legal HGH are also able to experience a host of other positive effects. Who wouldn’t want a boosted immune system, more general stamina, and the appearance of looking younger and healthier?

Plus, as mentioned earlier, one of the greatest benefits of this legal steroid is that it gives you all the benefits of actual Somatropin with none of the side effects. The fact that it’s legal means it’s less expensive than traditional anabolics, and it can be shipped anywhere. Plus, not having to inject it is a great plus as well.


As with just about any anabolic, Legal HGH is more effective when stacked with other bulking agents. The manufacturers recommend that it be used as part of a bulking stack including Legal Winstrol, Legal Clenbuterol, and Legal Dianabol. This particular stack helps to encourage both bulking and cutting, meaning that it’s more likely that a user will have success both in dropping fat and with adding muscle.

Legal Winstrol is unique in that it is good for both bulking and cutting. It supports muscle gains as well as fat loss, and it can help increase muscle density. It’s a good addition to any bulking stack because it helps you to drop fat while ensuring that you stay in an anabolic state, which is essential for gaining lean mass.

Legal Clenbuterol is also a potent cutting agent that simultaneously helps you increase the intensity of your workouts. It is a stimulant that helps accelerate your metabolism and burn more fat than before. The stimulant aspect helps you to work out harder, but it also enhances oxygen transport, which enables you to work out harder in both cardio and strength endeavors.

Legal Dianabol is the legal version of one of the most popular anabolic steroids in history. It can help support serious gains in hard muscle mass. Like Legal HGH, its primary focus is adding muscle mass, so having two strictly anabolic bulking agents combined with two cutting agents in a stack makes sense on most levels.


This legal steroid is fairly reasonably priced – a typical price for a bottle is $59.99. This price covers 60 tablets, or 30 doses, so you get a month’s worth of Legal HGH per bottle. Shipping is typically free.

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