HGH Side Effects – The Most Important Things About Them

What Is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH or GH) is a growth-stimulating peptide hormone. This hormone facilitates cell regeneration and cell reproduction in the human body as well as in animals. It is target specific to certain kinds of cells only and is a type of mitogen, which is a naturally occurring substance that promotes cell division and reproduction. There are two primary theories on how HGH works: the Dual Effector theory and the Somatomedin Hypothesis. The Dual Effector theory explains that Human Growth Hormone has a direct anabolic effect on tissue in the body and has been studied by injecting HGH into growth plates directly. It has also been studied in mice; the mice given the Growth Hormone were bigger in size and produced a large amount of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1), the same as humans. The Somatomedin Hypothesis postulates that Growth Hormone actually uses IGF-1 to exert its effects on tissue (muscle) growth and that HGH travels from the pituitary gland where it is produced to the liver and that triggers the IGF-1 to be released. Though each theory states it a bit differently, the result remains the same which is that Human Growth Hormone is naturally occurring in the body and works to stimulates bone and tissue growth in humans and other animals.

The Effects of Our Natural HGH

Human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland located at the base of the human brain. It is produced to regulate the body’s composition, muscle and bone growth, fluids, fat and sugar metabolism. Typically the levels of HGH are the highest in children and adolescents, spurring their growth during early life years. The human body does not continually produce such large amounts of HGH; if it did, we would never stop growing. The human body’s production of HGH slows significantly as we age, which means our ability to grow or regrow lost tissue cells naturally is slowed down tremendously. When we are young, we grow easily and we heal faster. With time, our abilities to do this naturally are diminished. A person will produce twice the natural HGH at age 20 as they will at age 40 and it goes down incrementally from that point on. With the introduction of additional HGH into the body, growth and healing abilities are targeted and greatly improved.

Synthetic HGH & The Effects

In 1985 a synthetic version of the Human Growth Hormone was discovered and has been used for decades to treat a variety of medical conditions. It has also been used by athletes, alone or in conjunction with other anabolic compounds, to enhance muscle growth and overall strength which has been proven to have a significant and positive impact on performance. The addition of HGH supplements in adults results in renewed energy, enhanced muscle development, positive changes to the body’s rate of metabolism and sharper thinking skills such as memory and problem solving abilities. HGH injections used on a regular basis boosts the body’s ability to produce large amounts of muscle fairly easily as compared to the progress of someone of the same age who has not had any HGH supplements. Many people report great success in decreasing their body mass index (BMI) and percentage of body fat with the use of HGH injections, making achieving an ideal body weight possible where other methods failed. Weight loss and muscle gains result in overall body re-composition, making the muscle to fat ratio much closer to ideal.

The introduction of synthesized Human Growth Hormone, sometimes referred to as “bio-identical hormones” changed the face, literally, of the anti-aging, age reversal and physical fitness markets. As has been reported openly by people and celebrities who have used Human Growth Hormone, it has the ability to greatly enhance a person’s physical appearance. Skin looks tighter, muscle definition is more prominent, waist lines get slimmer and hair thickens up. Athletes get more muscular and achieve higher levels of performance; Hollywood actors look tight and toned even in their 60’s and 70’s; people discover HGH and suddenly they are full of energy, look well-rested and their long-lost libidos returned.

There are many benefits to using Human Growth Hormone and some negative side effects. HGH supports faster muscle growth and bone density, increases metabolism and decreases body fat. HGH can also lead to abnormal bone growth, and if not administered properly can become hepatotoxic in the body, just as over dosing with steroids can. Moderation, proper dosing and administration are the key to achieving desired results with Human Growth Hormone injections.

HGH vs. Steroids – How Do They Compare?

It is widely believed that Human Growth Hormone is superior to steroids for the promotion of rapid muscle growth and repair, and that HGH is friendlier to the human body than steroids are. Though both HGH and testosterone based steroids have an anabolic effect on muscle and other tissues, the HGH causes significantly less stress to the body than steroids do. The risk of negative side effects is much higher with steroid use than it is with HGH injections; effects like overt aggression and shrunken testes are not present with HGH use but are very common side effects for steroid users. AAS steroids can also be addictive with severe withdrawal symptoms and cravings when the drugs are discontinued, whereas there is no known risk of addiction with the use of HGH and no cravings or withdrawals when injections are discontinued.

Another benefit of HGH is that women can use it without the androgenic side effects of most steroidal compounds. Side effects like decreased breast size, increased facial hair and deepening of the voice can be avoided by choosing HGH over the male testosterone-based steroids. Another effect of HGH that steroids do not have is that it improves sub-maximal aerobic abilities; in other words, doing things like running, swimming or other cardiovascular activities become easier with higher levels of HGH in the system. If the activity becomes easier, people will naturally do more of it and there you have it: a cycle of positive results with very few negative consequences.

There are less expensive, less risky Growth Hormone “boosters” available on the market, just as there are testosterone “boosters” but the effectiveness of these over the counter products is limited, if they deliver any real effect at all. Actual synthesized Human Growth Hormone, when given in true and correct doses, can deliver astounding results in lean muscle tissue development and body fat reduction.

Many people who have used HGH injections describe the results likened to finding the “Fountain of Youth,” slowing or even reversing the effects of aging. Used in correct dosages HGH promotes muscle and tissue growth while keeping the body’s natural proportions. Human Growth Hormone as compared with steroids have only minor side effects, cause minimal stress to the physiological balances of the human body and significantly increase the body’s ability to build and repair muscle tissue. HGH is easier for the body to absorb and can be administered in many forms, including pills, powders and sprays, but the most success is achieved when Human Growth Hormone is given by subcutaneous injection. HGH also reduces weight by decreasing body fat percentages and can assist in achieving one’s ideal body weight. Another benefit of Human Growth Hormone is that when it is combined with Somatomedin (IGF) it actually promotes the regrowth of cartilage, which to an injured athlete can mean returning to the playing field months or even a year sooner than they would have otherwise. There are many athletes today whose playing days would be over if not for the assistance of HGH injections used to treat sports related injuries.

The downside of Human Growth Hormone is that it is impossible to target muscles only with the growth stimulating properties of GH. What this means is that other cells in the body multiply and are rapidly generated in other areas as well, including our bones. When too much growth stimulation happens to bone, a condition called Acromegaly can develop in which the foot, forehead and jaw bones grow abnormally large. HGH can also cause enlargement of internal organs such as the liver, heart and kidneys. This can be a relatively high price to pay which is why it is important to use HGH in moderation and not to an extreme which could lead to a variety of health problems. HGH injections are also very expensive, costing upwards of $1,000 or more each month, making it unavailable to people with average means.

Men Using HGH

Many professional and competitive athletes have discovered HGH as a performance enhancing substance that aids in muscle building as well as muscle recovery and repair. To an athlete, this is important, especially the recovery process, as that is when muscle regenerates. When muscle regenerates after being torn down during a workout, the result is an increase in size and quantity so reduced recovery time means muscle weight can be put on more rapidly. In addition to increasing muscle mass, HGH also assists in fat loss and revs up the body’s rate of metabolism. The results can be nothing short of amazing. HGH supports gains in lean muscle tissue and a reduction in body fat, making body re-composition a reality for people who have not been able to achieve it otherwise. Caution should be taken with HGH, because as it is ideal for generating muscle and increasing bone density, it also stimulates bone growth which for a full grown adult can be problematic, as mentioned above. Moderate use of HGH is far less risky, however, than using androgenic, anabolic steroids for muscle tissue gains. The side effects are significantly less than those associated with steroid use and there is no risk of addiction with HGH as there can be with anabolic steroids.

Hollywood’s star of the “Rocky” and “Rambo” movies, boxer and bodybuilder Sylvester Stallone has openly discussed his success with HGH injections and many people strive to achieve the same amazing results by using it. It is hard to argue with someone who is nearly 70 years old and looks as good as Sylvester Stallone looks. With the help of Human Growth Hormone Stallone’s physical fitness and ripped appearance is inspiring. Though there are many health advantages to taking HGH with little negative side effects, the cost for some people can be prohibitive. On average, HGH injections cost upwards of $1,000 a month or more depending on how often the injections are performed. That being said, there is still no other compound, either synthetic or naturally occurring, that delivers the results that HGH does.

Hollywood stars and professional athletes are not the only people interested in body re-composition; everyday people who want to improve their physique, reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass also use Human Growth Hormone supplementing to achieve their personal fitness and overall appearance. Experienced users of Human Growth Hormone report that they feel more energetic, in better shape physically and healthier in general as a result of HGH injections. Human Growth Hormone injections, whether given by a physician or self-administered are becoming more and more common as people look for new and advanced ways of improving their overall self-esteem, physical appearance and athletic performance.

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