Best Protein by BPI Sports – Is It Really “The Best Protein”?

Best Protein

What Is Best Protein? Best Protein is a protein powder product that builds lean muscles and promotes muscle recovery. This is one of BPI Sports protein supplements that feature multiple whey proteins. The company advertises this product as a nutritious and multi-functional protein supplement designed for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Active athletes such as … Read more

Nitro-Tech by MuscleTech – Is This a Good Protein Product?


What Is Nitro-Tech? MuscleTech’s Nitro-Tech is a protein supplement. It is made up primarily of whey protein, with some added creatine monohydrate, taurine, papain (papaya extract) and amylase (a naturally occurring enzyme). This supplement can be used by anyone looking to quickly and easily boost the protein content of their diet, but it is primarily … Read more

Gold Standard 100% Whey by Optimum Nutrition – Is This One of the Best Protein Shakes?

Gold Standard 100% Whey

What Is Gold Standard 100% Whey? Gold Standard 100% Whey is one of the top selling protein shakes on the market today. The manufacturer claims that Gold Standard 100% Whey is packed with high-quality whey protein to support muscle growth. One of the primary ingredients that they say is in this product is Whey protein isolates, a … Read more

Phase8 by MuscleTech – What Makes It Unique?


What Is Phase8? It’s a protein blend that balances several different milk-derived proteins to create a protein source that continues to release protein over the course of eight hours. Compared to its competition, the powder has more protein and a more even distribution of that protein’s release. In addition, many competing products use protein derived … Read more