Androsterone – Side Effects & 6 Crucial Things to KNOW in 2019

Description of Androsterone

Androsterone is an androgenic steroid that occurs widely throughout nature, especially in animals, but also in many plants, including pine trees and truffle mushrooms. It’s a precursor to testosterone, but by itself, it’s somewhat weaker than testosterone in the bloodstream. As a result, Androsterone is more useful to bodybuilders when taken in a stack with other androgenic-anabolic steroids. It is converted to dihydrotestosterone through a direct metabolic pathway, without the intermediary conversion through testosterone or androstenedione, as many pro-hormones require.

The chemical name for Androsterone is 1-DHEA, and its conversion to the androgenic steroid hormone 1-Testosterone follows a two-step process, binding with enzymes 17b-HSD and 3a-HSD to become a strong form of dihydrotestosterone. Because this androgenic-anabolic hormone does not convert to any estrogenic hormones, Androsterone does not have the unwanted bulking effects that hide muscles underneath water weight in bodybuilders. It enhances lean tissue gains, reduces fatigue and gives athletes extra mental and physical energy for focus during a workout. It can be used when cutting body fat to retain lean tissue without retaining water.

  • As a supplement, Androsterone is considered a designer steroid, and its effects on the body have a very natural expression.
  • The body is very good at regulating Androsterone in the bloodstream because it’s a relatively weak hormone with many functions in men, women, plants and animals.
  • Because Androsterone is non-methylated, it works well in a steroid stack with other methylated steroids, increasing lean tissue by up to 5 to 9 pounds and reducing body fay by 1 to 2 percent during a six-week cycle.
  • Following a strenuous bulking or cutting cycle with Androsterone, bodybuilders must undergo a strict post-cycle therapy phase to get their bodies back into regular hormone production.

Training with Androsterone

As with all androgenic steroids, proper diet and weight training are required for bulking during an Androsterone cycle. Because it has fairly mild effects, overeating can easily lead to fat gain, and although it lacks estrogenic properties, eating too much salt while bulking can lead to puffiness and bloating from retained water that hides lean muscle tissue. Although Androsterone doesn’t allow bodybuilders to work out longer than usual, its fatigue-fighting properties allow weightlifters to concentrate longer throughout a workout, making each workout more efficient. On days away from the gym, Androsterone aids in tissue rebuilding and helps speed up recovery.

  • Even for athletes who aren’t necessarily bulking up but just want to enjoy better athletic performance, Androsterone provides the boost in mental and physical energy needed to enhance performance.
  • Strength gains of as much as 5 to 20 percent during one six-week Androsterone cycle have been recorded in scientific literature, although this increase always accompanies a gain of body weight.
  • Weight gains from Androsterone generally come from lean tissue, unless an athlete consumes too many calories too quickly to be able to build muscle from the surplus.
  • During a period of consuming a surplus of calories, body fat does not decrease due to the effects of Androsterone, according to scientific literature.

For athletes cycling Androsterone during a cutting phase, body fat is reduced as usual, and more lean tissue is preserved than without a hormone supplement. Because androgenic steroids increase focus and reduce fatigue, a slight acceleration of body fat loss can occur, but losing too much fat mass too quickly can still result in lean tissue loss. Androsterone is a good supplement to take when cutting before a bodybuilding competition because it results in hard, dry muscle with excellent definition. Due to its lack of estrogenic properties, Androsterone does not cause water retention, and therefore it does not result in a rapid increase in muscle mass. It usually takes several weeks to begin seeing moderate gains that continue to the end of a cycle.

Experiences of Androsterone Users

Weightlifters and athletes who take Androsterone report excellent results, especially when combining it with anabolic steroids. Bodybuilding forums and blogs express extremely favorable opinions of this particular androgenic compound because it has a very natural effect on the body and produces only mild changes in hormone production. Because it is converted to the hormonal precursors of testosterone, it causes the body to slow down production of natural testosterone, and therefore a post-cycle therapy is necessary after a six-week cycle. It is non-methylated and easy for the body to process, and because it isn’t converted to any estrogenic hormones, Androsterone has none of the feminizing effects that many anabolic steroids do.

  • Because Androsterone is a pro-hormone supplement and found naturally in the body, it’s not easily detected in blood tests and therefore may be used in professional sports.
  • For maximum lean mass gain during an Androsterone cycle, stacking it with an aromatizing or progestational compound is recommended.
  • Muscle tissue gained during an Androsterone cycle is relatively easy to maintain because it doesn’t come from water-weight gain, which usually goes away when bodybuilders begin cutting.
  • For this reason, lean tissue gained during an Androsterone cycle is more moderate than with other anabolic steroids.

How to Cycle Androsterone?

Androsterone can be taken transdermally through a patch or orally with a capsule. When cycled on its own, Androsterone should be taken orally in 400mg to 600mg daily doses or transdermally in 200mg to 300mg daily doses. When stacking Androsterone, the doses should be lowered by 200mg to 400mg, depending on the amount of steroids in the stack. For the first cycle, it’s recommended to take the lowest dose possible to get used to the increased androgenic hormones in the body. On the second or third cycle, the dose can be increased for athletes with a tolerance for the steroid.

A typical cycle lasts four to six weeks, and users need to pay attention to their bodies to determine when to end the first few cycles. Masculinizing effects of Androsterone are minimal or non-existent because it is a much weaker androgenic hormone than testosterone or dihydrotestosterone. Aside from promoting skeletal muscle gains, Androsterone inhibits fat accumulation by blocking key metabolic pathways as well as alpha-andrenergic receptors in the bloodstream.

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